ESP32 Wroom-32U

Hello I am new to fritzing. I need a part created. Prepared to pay. It is a 38 Pin ESP32-WROOM32U
developers module. I have attached a picture. Any help it would be greatly appreciated.


This isn’t quite the same board (it has mounting holes) but should be close enough for most purposes. You may need to check the width, these come in 3 widths 1.1in 1in and .9in I think this one is 1.1in.

download the ESP32-38PinWide-fixed.fzpz file from the post above and in Fritzing File->open->ESP32-38PinWide-fixed.fzpz will load it in to your mine parts bin ready for use.


free download from the repository some different versions of the esp32 module:

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A sampling of those shows errors in the parts that will cause problems in some scenarios. The most common error is that the breadboard view svg is missing the layer ID, which means that exporting breadboard view to svg will not work. Actually it “works”, but the part graphics are missing.

Peter, thanks for your help. This seems correct for my needs.