ESP32-s2 mini part

I have been searching for a ESP32-s2mini fritzingpart for a while, but with little luck.
I know that the esp32-s2mini is likely not the most preferred esp32 board (for many good reasons). But, they are dirt cheap and still powerful enough for most “home” projects.
Currently I’m using a “WeMos D1 mini” part with “added pinstrips” on the inside. It’s working, but it’s a mess.
Does anyone know if the “ESP32-s2 mini” part is available somewhere ?

This part should do what you want.

Wemos-s2-mini.fzpz (17.3 KB)


Thank you so much…
I’ll clean up the mess next week with new beautiful new ESP32-s2-Mini part.

World class service in this forum :-)…