ESP32 Prog JTAG (mini?) 5x2 header part

I am developing on an ESP32 board (wemos lolin32), and have had the need to connect the “ESP32 Prog” external debugger a few times now.
I find it tedious to manually connect individual pins with jumpers, and I would like design a “motherboard” that the esp32 plugs into, which provides a convenient plug for the 10-pin JTAG connector, among other connections for the sensors and other devices I am using in my project.

The ESP Prog board comes with 2 connectors for JTAG debugging: a 5x2 0.1" pitch, and a finer pitch version of the connector. But the cables that come with the board are only for the smaller pitch connectors (10-pin debug and 6-pin programming). I am wondering if this smaller connector has a part name/number that I can use in fritzing.

Image courtesy of sparkfun:

See bottom rightmost connector

I have tried searching for the part but I only see the parts which appear to be the full size 0.1" header. Also there appear to be many duplicated identical parts: 2 of them are labeled “Header 5x2” and 4 of them are labeled “AVR 10-pin ICSP Header”. Is there a library or part I can import that would provide this?

Lastly does anyone know if there are even any ESP32 boards that come with this connector already provided?

I have jtag headers in various sizes (single row 5 pin and 3pin 1.27mm and 5pin 2mm) if you know what the header pitch is. From the picture they are either 2mm or 1.27mm but it is unclear which they are (likely 1.27mm from their size assuming the ones beside them are 0.1in since 3 of them appear to fit in 0.1in and 1.27mm is 0.05in) The website for the board may tell you what the pitch is.


I’m measuring roughly 1.25mm with calipers, so 1.27mm is probably correct if thats a standard size?

Edit: Actually, found the datasheet here:
which explicitly labels it as “JTAG 1.27mm”

Then these two parts should do you. To make the double row connectors you need to place 2 of each and offset them 0.05in to make the double row connector.

Generic male header - 3 pins-1_27_mm.fzpz (4.7 KB)

Generic male header - 5 pins-1_27_mm.fzpz (5.2 KB)

their family is still pin header so editing them with Inspector may cause problems.