Esp32 pins question

which pins can i use as rx and tx on esp wroom 32?

there are tx0 tx1 and tx2
my question is what are the differences between them and are there other pins i can use as tx and rx

You will note that there are 3 pairs of RX and TX that are burgandy colored. The RX pins are receive and TX pins are transmit. The TX pins normally connect to the RX pins on a UART (such as on a CP2102) and the RX pins are connected to the TX pins on the serial a UART (such as on a CP2102) . These pins specifically support the UART protocols.

The RX/TX pins are pins that can be assigned to different functions. The safest pins to use are TX0/RX0 or TX2/RX2 pairs as their only other function is GPIO. TX1/RX1 can be used for external flash memory and can be used with the UART if you don’t plan on having external flash memory in your design. The Arduino IDE simplifies selecting the RX/TX pin pairs and UART support.

I couldn’t find an ESP-WROOM-32 dev kit but if you look at this schematic you can see how the pins are typically connected connected to a UART.


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