ESP32 I/O Shield

Working on a project involving the Keyestudio I/O board for Espressif ESP32. Despite quite a few searches I have been unable to find any I/O shield for this board as a fritzing part to modify, does anyone have or know of one that’s available online?

Did look at doing it myself but quickly realised my total lack of skills with graphics programs is the limiting factor, did look at the tutorials and tried Inkscape but its over my head.

This part should do what you want. It has no pcb view (as it isn’t useful since the board won’t mount on a pcb.)

keystudio-esp32-i-o-shield.fzpz (26.0 KB)


@vanepp Thank you so much for that really appreciated. Could you tell me where you found it online as I have spent hours looking for that board?

It didn’t exist, I made the part from the product web page. In general a google search of the form “fritzing part esp32 I/O shield” will find a part if there is one online.