ESP32 Development Board part with internal circuits

Can anyone help me with ESP32 Development board internal circuits and parts?
I need detailed internal connections.

Thank you

What do you mean by “internal circuits and parts”? The ESP32-38PinWide part in the core parts seems to match the module you referenced, so should be fine to use an ESP32 board in your project. Search in the part window for “ESP32”.

If you mean you want to be able to create your own ESP32 board, similar to the linked module, that is completely different situation. You will need to do the research to find out how the board is built. Even a good data sheet is unlikely to have all of the details you want. It is not likely that you can (fully) create that in Fritzing either. Fritzing only supports creating single or double sided PCBs. These are likely to be 4 (or more) layer boards.

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Yes, I agree with you. There are some more pieces of equipment on an ESP32 development board for a stable power supply and other things. I need that schematic in fritzing. I am not from an electrical engineering background and learning those things. I don’t want to use the development board and I don’t have a budget to buy a schematic from someone.
I need help with this.

My advise is to buy a development board. You are unlikely to be able to make one without a lot more experience (and then likely at much more cost than a dev board!) That said the bare module part is available here

use the fixed version near the end (ESP-WROOM-32 [ESP-32S] Module-fixed.fzpz) You will need to figure out how to supply power and a USB connection to program it though, there may me guides on the ESP site for that I guess. As noted I would use a dev board to avoid trying to do that especially if you don’t have experience, but it should be possible with enough work.


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A search on the internet for “esp32 dev board schematic” is a place to start. Here are a couple that look interesting just from the titles (I have not verified the content). Without an electrical or electronic engineering background, this is going to a challenge. A schematic is not really enough to create a good pcb. There are addition concerns with the placement or parts, lengths of lines, grounding, etc.

The images section returned from the base search looks like it contains useful information as well.

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I’m not sure if this might help, but I did a couple of relatively simple ESP32-WROOM-32 boards for a project I was working on:

One is just a minimal breakout board, the other has a few more components, like a voltage regulator, EEPROM and an RFM95W interface. The relevant circuit diagrams are provided.

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