ESP32 C6 tiny module?

Hey guys,

Just starting fritzing and trying to import all parts I would need. (Quite tedious to find everything…)

I’m looking for this part for example.
A tiny esp32 c6 module

Anyone knows if it has been created?


This part should do what you want. Due to the 1.27mm connector pitch, you need to set the grid size in pcb to 0.05in (1.27mm) to route the pins correctly. The holes are set for the specified 1.27mm connector.

tiny-esp32-c6-module.fzpz (17.5 KB)


Thanks a lot Peter!!

Did you do it yourself?

As this is a good case figure, i’m wondering how does it work for pins underneath like in this instance ? (Only for battery but wondering for simulation)

I didn’t test simulation yet but wondering if it also tell if you use a wrong pin? (Com, pwm, etc.)


I wasn’t aware there are any pins under the board. In general if you want them they need to appear on the top in breadboard. The web site I was looking at didn’t (as usual!) have much information on connections.

Since there is no spice information in this part it won’t work in simulation. The pin labels are the only thing that would tell you what a pin does. Fritzing itself doesn’t check or care.


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Nice job Peter!

Yeah I assume the “pins” under are just for battery as other esp32s. Just received it so will check when I have time.

Just learning about SPICE. Itʼs a bit above my knowledge but I contacted the seller to ask any aditional info that could be useful to others as well.