ESP32 38 Pin Narrow

Hello! I’m new to Fritzing and am working on my first designs, which include an ESP32 38 pin but the narrow version that nicely fits on a breadboard / Clectrocookie (which is why I chose it). There are some great parts for ESP32 38pin devices, but all of them seem to be the wide version. Does anyone know of a narrow variant part? As a visual below, the LoRa part is the right width, but the 38 pin parts are 1 row too wide.

There doesn’t appear to be one. To make one we would need a web site of the board with the board dimensions and pin out list of the exact board you want.


Hey Peter! The image of this particular ESP32 is


It’s based off this link from AliExpress

The pinout appears to be the same as this graphic here


Does that work?

This part should do what you want.

ESP32-38Pin-narrow.fzpz (15.1 KB)


Yes, that worked perfect! Thank you for what I have noticed here is always speedy and quality work.