ESP-WROOM-02-AE (with Akizuki-Electronics breakout board)

Hi everyone,

I created a custom part for ESP-WROOM-02 with Akizuki-Electronics breakout board, as you can find at . It is available only in Japan, but I hope someone may find this useful!

ESP-WROOM-02-AE.fzpz (36.2 KB)

As you see, It is not fancy at all since I put a minimal effort just to satisfy my requirement. Please feel free to improve it if you like.

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Cool, but I think the pcb footprint should be of the ESP-WROOM-02-AE and not the breadboard footprint. This is a very clever way to mount parts on the breadboard without covering up all the pins.

Hi, thanks for your comment! But sorry I do not really understand your advice – pcb.svg should be what instead of the same image as breadboard.svg? Do you mean it should be the image of the ESP-WROOM-02 chip itself but not with the AE (Akizuki-Electronics) breakout board?

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