Error with PCB part editing

I am creating my own part unfortunately encountering the error likes attached screenshot. Anyone have the same issue? FYI, I am using the paid version of Fritzing 1.0.2.

Thank you very much.


The red rectangle indicates the connectors are not correctly defined. If you upload the .fzpz file for the part involved I will tell you what is wrong with it (upload is 7th icon from the left in the reply menu.)


The message is about separate copper0 and copper1 not being supported by the parts editor. Fritzing can handle that, but parts editor needs one grouped inside the other in the svg file.

Hi @vanepp ,
I managed to fix the error yesterday by reading the xml (.svg) and re-arranging layers’ order in Inkscape.

However, by that test & learn, I found a bug in Fritzing 1.0.2. Following steps are for reproducing the bug:

  • Open a part in Edit Part
  • Switch to PCB design and export .svg from PCB view by menu File → Export → As Image → SVG…
  • By right, that .svg must be loaded back successfully by menu File → Load Image For View… for a reuse however if I do so the above error “This version of the new Parts Editor can not deal with separate copper0 …” appears. If we want to reuse that exported .svg, we have to re-arrange the layers’ order using Inkscape.

I believe if we export from Fritzing then we should be able to reuse without any issues. What do you think?

Thank you,

Depends on what the source file is. If it is in the old separate coppero copper1 format Parts editor won’t load it (but svg export will export it probably correctly.) The parts editor was not completed when development stopped int 2016 and so far the developers have not completed it (I believe it is in progress) so the limitations are still present. Some of the parts in core parts are still in the old file format with separate copper1 and copper0 as no one has updated them. If you provide which part you are exporting the svg from I’ll have a look at it.


Nope, SGV export function does not work correctly as I reported above. It exports .svg with two separate copper0/copper1 layers even the part’s .svg was design correctly (using InkScape) i.e.


If you have an example it should be reported as a bug. The exporters should not be exporting in the old format AFAIK. It may be that there is a bug being tickled that exports in the wrong format (the old format is still supported for old parts that haven’t been converted) but the developers would need an example case that does such an export in the wrong format to fix it.


If you upload the svg that you used (upload is 7th icon from the left in the reply menu) along with the steps you took to import and export the svg from Fritzing I’ll see if I can reproduce and report the issue.