Error while opening file

I am new to fritzing an i am trying to open this file driveboard.fzz but i always get error message
parse error(2) at liine 1 ,column 1:
unexpected end of file

any one can help and how can open this file


Is there perhaps an allready existing part with the same name?

I really do not know I just want to open the file I want to print the PCB

I could load the file just fine. in 0.9.2b.linux

However, I did get this message:

There is a new graphics standard for schematic-view part images, beginning with version 0.8.6.

Would you like to convert ‘driveboard.fz’ to the new standard now or open the file read-only?

The conversion process will not modify ‘driveboard.fz’, until you save the file.
You will have to rearrange parts and connections in schematic view, as the sizes of most part images will have changed. Consider using the Autorouter to clean up traces.
Note that any custom parts will not be converted. A tool for converting ‘rectangular’ schematic images is available in the Parts Editor.

maybe @landracer or @steelgoose have an idea what is causing your error??

can you export it to eagle or any other format i want to print the PCB and list of the parts

From the looks of it the gerber files are all allready included in the job_gerber folder in the zip that you uploaded.
I can try to export it when i get home, i’m now mobile, on a slow netbook, and that Lasersaur board is pretty big.

Though if the gerberfiles are OK then that may be safer (assuming that the gerberfiles are already checked for eventual errors)
I mean, I can’t check the details, as I don’t know what to check and the board has a lot of things going on.