Error when ordering only one layer PCB

I’m doing one order, I need 10 PCB but in the first buying I only want to buy one, because I need to be sure about my sketch.

But I want only one layer PCB, but the web page is considering 2 layer in the price. Why???

Please help me about it to finalize the purchase.

Mi PCB is only:
4.32 cm × 4.24 cm

But the web page is charging two layers.
2 boards:
4.32 cm × 4.24 cm
3.47 cm × 3.49 cm

This is a mistake, or not?

I think is because in the corner below at the right you can select between one layer or two layer, but I select one layer and save the sketch and when re-open the file, is open two layer again and the tab says one layer, but I see two layer in the screen.
Will be the mistake?

No mistake. :slight_smile: Fritzing Fab always produces two-layer boards, because of the batch production method. It is hardly economical to produce single-layer boards in a professional PCB factory, because it is so uncommon these days. Fritzing.