Error on opening saved sketches with third party libraries


I am having a bit of trouble with opening some sketches I’ve made with 3rd party libraries.

This is the error I’m seeing:

Unable to open ‘/Users/(my name)/Desktop/SeedGPS.fzz’: %d

When I’m saving sketches I’m seeing this error:

Cannot write file temp:
/Users/(myname)/.config/Fritzing/b688d12850c9aea0c0e1e468a720f29a/black sketch.fz
Permission denied

It’s saying it can’t write to the directory, but the ‘.fzz’ files are being saved, I just can’t re-open them.



While you don’t mention which operating system this is, the error messages are likely a clue. If it can’t write files because it doesn’t have permission it isn’t likely to work very well. I’d check the permissions on the listed directory and see why it can’t write there. If this is Unix of some variety the 3rd party libraries may have a different user id that doesn’t have permission to write to the directory. If that is the case you could chown the libraries to your id as presumably you have permissions to write to the directory.

Peter Van Epp

Hi Peter, thanks I’ll try that. I’m on a mac btw

Ah, Macs are indeed Unix (FreeBSD under the covers) so if you imported the libraries with tar for instance they may have created files with a different uid from yours which can cause permission problems. I’m on Windows these days not a Mac so I can’t be much more help than that.

Peter Van Epp