Error message while loading image for prototype view [SOLVED]

Hello everybody,

I’m trying to make a part for an Arduino MIDI shield that I built (the KiloMux shield). I’m editing a pin header part and changing its images, connections, and everything else in the editor. I’ve already designed the prototype view of my part and saved it as SVG 1.1 in Illustrator but when I try to load it by clicking on File > Load image for view, it shows me this error:

Any idea on what can I try to load it correctly?


Please, anyone can help me on this one? I really need to get it to work :frowning:

I’ve never come across this error myself, but just looking at it with what I know about SVGs, it is likely that Illustrator is saving some additional information in the SVG file that fritzing doesn’t like. I’d suggest trying to open it in inkscape and saving it as a “plain SVG” or trying a different format in Illustrator. If that doesn’t work, then just post back and I’ll do some more thinking.


Harrison – VE2HKW

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Seems like the problem was the “Responsive” option in the SVG exporting setup from Illustrator.
This config worked almost perfectly to finally load the vector image in Fritzing’s “Prototype View”

My problem now seems to be that some graphics are a little messed up in Fritzing view.
This is my part in illustrator:

This is the part as I see it in Fritzing’s Part Editor (check the wierd noise in white types):


That is great that you got it working! As for the noise issue, I’ve kinda got the same issue on some parts that I made a while back. I haven’t looked into it yet so I can’t help much on that front…


Harrison – VE2HKW