Error Message That I Cannot Get Rid of

Some ago I did something in a Fritzing circuit model. Since that time I get the following Error Message:


Can someone tell me what to do to get rid of this message?

The sample demo file used to generate this message is shown below:

Error Message Demo.fzz (673 Bytes)

The part didn’t get included in the .fzz file (probably because of the duplicate moduleId.) To fix it you need to change the moduleId for the modified part in parts editor (or in the fzp file for the part.) Probably uploading the .fzpz file of the modified part is going to be the easiest solution to the problem. I don’t have the adafruit bin loaded by default and can thus probably fix your part from the .fzpz file.


I haven’t tried vanepp’s suggestion yet. I personally delete the instances of a duplicate part and associated files when I see that message. I usually experience this when I make new parts and import them back to verify that the part works. Following the path from the message and deleting the instances on my Windows OS usually works for me. I spent some time way back when troubleshooting this as I had too many of these messages pop up and this method seemed to work for me.

Find the Fritzing Part

Besides manually entering the path as indicated in the message in a File Explorer, you can also right clicking the part in Fritzing and selecting “Edit Part (new parts editor)…”. This maybe labeled as something else in other versions of Fritzing. Once the parts editor window opens, select File > Show in Folder. This should show the part in the File Explorer. You will probably see the breadboard SVG and be in the breadboard folder (e.g. C:\Users.…\Documents\Fritzing\parts\svg\user\breadboard ). Navigate up to the parts folder (e.g. C:\Users.…\Documents\Fritzing\parts ).

Search and Delete the Associated Files

Search for the part in your File Explorer without the .fzp file extension or _pcb, _schematic, _breadboard, _icon in the file name (in your case, “adafruit_ceb6f7a0aec978943cfd80b6d2bd5b63_7”. You will probably see 5x search results. If you have not already, exit out of Fritzing. Then delete those associated files.

Delete Other Instances

Make sure that you have not searched for that part in Fritzing as another window may pop up when you restart the program. If I remember correctly, it would just immediately close the program. I believe that I went into the bin folder located in a path similar to the parts folder: C:\Users.…\Documents\Fritzing\bins. Using a text editor, I opened the my_parts.fzb and search.fzb and deleted every instance of the tag relating to the part.

Import Fritzing Part

Try opening or importing the Fritzing Part back into Fritzing. If all is well, the message will not pop up and it should open like normal. :sunglasses: