Ellipse PCB has the wrong colour

I created an elliptical PCB. The PCB has the wrong colour. It’s too dark and you can hardly see black lines.

The color should be like all other PCBs.

Version: 0.99 (Linux Mint 19.3)

In pcb view click View->background color

then pick custom color

then select a white background and click OK.

That sets the background to white and lightens the ellipse image. You could also load an ellipse (and set the color in the svg) via load image file I expect but that is more complex to do.


Alternately you can load this svg via load image file which creates an ellipse identical to the rectangle.

click OK here to accept the svg and you get

which came from this svg:


right click on the image above and “Save image as”
to get the svg downloaded for use.


Reported in issue

Set to be fixed in Fritzing 0.9.10 (as the fix needs a source file change.)