Hello Everyone,

I am working on a project where I would like to use the SparkFun EL sequencer. Right now I am looking to see if anyone here has or knows of Fritzing part files for EL lights and 3V inverters. I have found the sequencer on github but it seems rather useless without the other 2 crucial components. Can anyone out there help with finding or making this files? I am still new to the software and have not gotten accustomed to using it to modify parts, only simple diagrams so far.
Thanks in advance.

if you can suply me with some schematic or foto i can give it a try to find them/ make them

Sorry for the delayed reply. Basically I want to draw this first image using fritzing.

The EL tape (panels) are just sheets with 2 leads coming from them as seen in these 2 images

the high voltage alternating current energizes the phosphorus compound within the laminate causing it to glow bright neon.

Also here is an image of the inverter currently in use. I’m sorry I’m not very knowledgeable in its actual circuitry so I am not sure which diagram pertains to it online.

Also sorry for multiple replies but they wont let me post with more than 1 img attached. I know im over complicating this whole thing since im not using it for the wiring so much as a mapping of the component layout and lead attachments but it looks much neater/cleaner than hand sketching it all repeatedly with different configurations. It will really come in useful should I ever choose to share this project and its designs.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

The 9V battery already exists in Fritzing, the inverter is pretty easy (you only need a box with two wires in and two wires out for what you want to do) the exciting part is likely to be the board in the middle which would need at least a breadboard view made for it which in turn would need specs on what the connectors all do. The el panels are again easy as they are two wires going to a sheet.


Got the specs and even diagrams for the board but having a whole ton of issues just trying to properly export them for use. I thought I had this board in my parts collection but I don’t. Been trying all day with eagle, inkscape, design spark, and fritzing to do it but cant seem to make the board into an svg as the tutorial suggests and another thin says eagle has the ability but it doesn’t. The jpg I managed to attach was worthless too since I couldn’t add pins to anything. I suspect its because its not the proper layers or something. I got the circuit board files from here

they even have links to their eagle files just before the ‘recommended products’ section near the bottom of the page so one has full access to editing it.

If you are better at github than I (shouldn’t be hard :slight_smile: ) a Fritzing part appears to be here (but I can’t figure out how to download it from github the usual download button is missing):

found via google with search term “fritzing part EL Sequencer” which is always a good place to start especially with sparkfun. The rest of the stuff you need isn’t that difficult to make the sequencer looked to be the most work and it looks to be done if you can access it. Ah, I may have been in the wrong repository, it looks to be here which is downloadable, what I was looking at was a fork from the main repository apparently:

The panel and inverter should be fairly easy to make (have a bash at it and post it here if you can’t make it work and I’ll fix it up for you).


Yeah, that GitHub is a bit unclear.

If you click on the actual file in the directory it gives you the download on the right, or click on “View Raw” when the file is open.
If there is no download I usually click on the raw or image, and right-click save. For some reason one of my browsers corrupts downloads this way, so I have to use another.