ElectroCookie Solderable Breadboards

These are ElectroCookie Solderable Breadboards, which can be used to transfer breadboard projects to a permanent solution 1:1. The batch file includes the mini boards (17*(5+5)) and the half-size boards (30*(5+5)), in the colors blue, black, green, red, white, and yellow.

Please let me know if there is an issue.

I’d like to thank @VanEpp for his excellent explanations on how to build these boards.

ElectroCookieBoards.fzbz (188.3 KB)

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I’m loving these so far, started using these to plan out some of my home automation sensors before assembling. Any chance of getting the larger versions as well?

I’m new to Fritzing and haven’t even been able to get the existing boards open in the parts editor.

You can’t edit breadboards like normal parts, unfortunately. Making boards is quite labor intensive, so I don’t want ro promise you I can make them anytime soon.

The boards are great to use though, I very much agree!