Electric meter SDM120M

Hey guys (and girls :wink: )
I am new here and first of all, congrats for fritzing - it is very nice and helpfull.
But: I think, it would be a good idea to make an extra part (may be in the forum) where ONLY parts will be published.

I am searching for a digital energy meter with MOD bus connector.

For me as newbee it is impossible to find some examples.

can anybody help to find this parts or has anybody created the SDM120M als fritzing part?

Thanks all for help.


In general a google search of the form “fritzing part part_number” will find any parts that are available on the net (as will a search in the forum search bar, but the google search has a wider sweep.) Doing so for “fritzing part SDM120M” doesn’t find such a part. It is easy enough to make one though. I’ll do it when I finish the part I’m currently working on.


Thanks Peter, waiting for your results :wink:

This part should do what you want. There is no pcb view because it isn’t useful (all the wires connect to terminal blocks.)

SDM120CTMB.fzpz (950.3 KB)


Hello Peter,
thanks, it helps a lot :wink:
br Guenter