Elechouse FM Radio Transmitter

does somebody have Fritzing Part for the Elechouse FM Radio Transmitter?
IMG: https://maker.pro/storage/hMDMaW2/thumb/hMDMaW2rLCyt6wfJEzAtTtZ1YQtddfsUeinc0tNQ.png

This part should do what you want. Of note in pcb the mounting holes for the module are not drilled by default. If you want the mounting holes you need to drag a hole in the sketch, place it over the circle in silkscreen and set the size appropriately. As well the 3.5mm jack does not appear in pcb but pads for the 4 computer interface pins to suitable for mounting a 0.1in header.

elechouse-FM-radio-transmitter.fzpz (12.1 KB)


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