Editing PCB - how can i insert copper dots


greets to everybody, I’m a newbie from germany,

Although my question isn’t really difficult i notice
it isn’t easy to do it in english :grinning:

I searched whole internet but couldnt find a solution.

What i wanna ask is:

How can i insert a single copper connection like via on a pcb
(but NOT a via, cause pcb will be singlesided) ?

Think of soldering a wire on the pcb … i would drill a hole from the upper side of the pcb
and then there has to be a dot of drilledthrough copper on the other side where i can solder my wire.

Think of the endpoint of a resistor without resistor …

As i understand we connect parts, but what if there’s no part just the need to have a
place where i can solder and connect to other parts ?

I hope my question was understandable ?

Best regards

There are several parts you can use to do this.

I usually use the “Pin Header” part. You can change the number of pin’s to " 1 ".

The attached shows " 2 " pins… The shown PCB is two sided but, simply change that to One sided…

FOLLOW-UP… forgot to mention you can change the diameter of the Hole and Copper Ring(Pad)
(shown in image.

Also, you can use the Jumper part - it will make a hole with copper pad (like the Pin Header and Resistor)


Welcome aboard!

You can post the question in German and we will use google translate to translate it in to English and ask if we can’t figure out the translation.

To do this (because it isn’t obvious how :slight_smile: ), click on the grey board outline in pcb view, then in Inspector (the window on the bottom right) you should see PCB1 at the top. lick on layers, which is by default double sided. Change that (via the pull down menu) to “one layer (single sided)” and you have a single sided board. Then any of the suggestions above should do what you want.


Wonderful, that’s what i was looking for. :grinning::rofl::smiley:

Best regards

If you don’t mind square pads, there is one at the bottom of CORE bin in PCB view section.

I think someone did make a guide on how to make blank copper circles, like test points. Maybe a search.

Don’t use the translate in Goo search, it’s bad, use the better Google Translate.