Editing parts labels

Please understand I am computer savvy but this is my first fritzing attempt.
Started schematic with plane board and placed a resistor using the classical symbol. It was immediately identified as R1 2200ohm. I tried editing the value, but all the editor allows me to change is the R1 designation. What am I doing (or not doing) wrong? BTW I see there is no current tutorial for schematic tab.
Using windows 10 Pro on an HP Elite notebook G9, 1Gbytes RAM.

You need t o use Inspector (the lower right window) to change the value. First select the part so it knows which one you mean

then either select the standard 10% values from the pull down menu

or type a nonstandard value in to the ohms field (note that you need to delete the ohm symbol before it will accept the value as is shown here)

Done. Inspector should be documented in the help stuff.


Thank you, Peter, for the help. I see there was more under the hood than I thought.