Edit default breadboard SVG?


I am trying to edit the default half+ breadboard SVG (just changing the colors slightly, as the red/blue buses are reversed from the breadboards I usually use). Here’s the procedure I’ve followed:

  1. Navigate to C:\Program Files\fritzing.0.9.2b.64.pc\fritzing.0.9.2b.64.pc\parts\svg\core\breadboard
  2. edit Half_breadboard56a.svg in Inkscape
  3. Follow the directions here to save: http://fritzing.org/learning/tutorials/creating-custom-parts/providing-part-graphics/, including saving as “Plain SVG” and not “Inkscape SVG”.

So far, so good. When I open up Fritzing and load a half breadboard, I see my new design. However, when I try to export to Inkscape again as an SVG, nothing appears. I just get a blank page. If I go back to the original Fritzing breadboard (which I backed up before changing), then it does appear in Inkscape. Is there anything I’m forgetting to do in the editing process?

I’ve noticed two other threads that describe this problem (it won’t let add links since I’m a new user) - the titles are “Breadboard part not exported as SVG, works as PNG” and “Trying to create a prototype part with a “breadboard” element.”

Any help would be appreciated.