Edit a led to represent a photodiode

I am creating a tachometer using a infrared led and a photodiode. I found the ir led but the photodiode looks a little unwieldy. I would like a photodiode that is shown as a black led with the two arrows pointed to the led, not away. Is there a part available for the photodiode, or is there a way I can copy an existing diode and change the color and arrow orientation? Thanks

S1133 Si Photodiode is in my FZ 0.8.3, did you use the search bar at the top of the part bins.

I did see your photodiode. This is more what I am looking for:

I forgot about this.

Photodiode 5mm Black.fzpz (7.5 KB)

What I wanted to do was to take an existing led and change the color to black in the breadboard view and change the arrows from going away from the diode in the schematic view to going towards the diode. I haven’tr had much luck yet. Inkscape (and Fritazing for that matter) aren’t the easiest programs to work with in editing parts.

Easy enough to do. I’ll make one and post it the next time I’m on.


I made one 3 days ago, so I don’t know why he said he is still making one.

My most humble apologies Old_Grey! I was looking at this topic on my iphone and missed your link to the part. All I saw was you saying “I forgot about this” I have been on the road for the last few days and haven’t had a chance to log into my laptop. I now am logged in and have loaded your part in my parts. It is exactly what I am looking for. Thank you for sharing the part. Did you already have the part?

Thank you for willing to help! It is very kind.

Thanks again!

No I had to make/fudge it :slightly_smiling_face:. I don’t actually know how to draw something that fancy in Inkscape, and changing colour wasn’t working that well, so I grabbed the black LED off the KY-026 sensor and it fit on top of a red LED perfectly in INK. Then I just subed the SCH svg from the S1133 Si Photodiode. It’s a hard slog learning how to draw in vector graphics(INK), but now I use it for everything so it was worth it. It’s kind-of between raster and CAD drawing, but leaning more toward CAD.

Looks good and sounds like a lot of work. Thanks again.

Spent a few minutes making a Black LED (I use them but didn’t bother to make a Fritzibg part until now - killing time during heat-wave).

Didn’t spend much time to dial-in the dim’s, not too important for me any longer as I’ve moved over to Kicad.

FZPZ and BreadBoard svg’s attached.

Black IR LED - 5mm.fzpz (5.3 KB)


Black_IR LED

Right. I can see just from the posted image that it is not aligned with the 0.1 grid for bread board use.

That’s 2 people that didn’t see the part I posted :slightly_smiling_face: Mine is a bit better because it’s a CORE part, with the fancy bendable legs, just coloured differently.