Hello I’m looking for a part in Fritzing for the dy-sv8f / sv5w / sv17f modules and unfortunately I haven’t found it yet. Anyone know if there is a finished part for these modules?

There appears to be a part for the sv17f although not available anywhere I can find, the others don’t appear to exist. There are Fritzing parts for the catalex and DFrobot mp3 players if one of those will do you. Otherwise you will need custom parts.


Here is a part for the sv17f

edit2: replaced by a corrected part (identical except for file names to the part below) July 9 2021 so please redownload this part if you have the original one!

dv-sv17f.fzpz (15.3 KB)

and the sv5w edit: this part is incorrect (as is the documentation!) In the document power and ground are reversed. If you have downloaded this part, re download this corrected part!

sv5w.fzpz (18.9 KB)

and the dy-sv8f part. Note PCB is likely incorrect, so check the pcb footprint printed out at 1:1 against a real board!

dy-sv8f.fzpz (20.2 KB)


Hi Peter,

that’s super, thank you very much for the part.
Really great :slight_smile:

Hello, I have adjusted the pin lettering.
Now the names are correct
DY-SV17F.fzpz (24.6 KB)

Hello, I have adjusted the pin lettering.
Now the names are correct

Now I’ve cleaned everything up, all pins fit in all drawings.
DY-SV17F.fzpz (25.3 KB)

Thanks, I replaced my original part with one based on your changes so both parts should now be correct.