Duplicate IC in Sch view bug

Steps I took that resulted in the problem:

Drag the first IC (V.4) - top left in group - in Core parts into Sch view.
Select 16pins in inspector.
Rotate 90º
Right click Duplicate.

Each time it gets duplicated the light grey pin numbers move away from the IC so they aren’t aligned anymore.

What I expected should have happened instead:

Pin numbering should stay with their pins.

My version of Fritzing and my operating system:

V0.9.3 - this also happened in V0.9.2
Win 7 64 Sp1

Please also attach any files that help explaining this problem

What do you do Old_Gray… stay up all night with the light off looking for bugs???

@andre It is differently a bug… and a weird one at that… It doesn’t make any difference on the pin count… if it is rotated 90deg, the numbers shift 0.1" down and right… 180deg, it shifts 0.2" right… 270deg, it shifts 0.1" up and right… 0deg, it duplicates normally. It also shifts regardless of which view you duplicate from. If you duplicate a shifted IC it will shift again. It does the same thing on copy and past as duplicate. If you save the .fzz it also shifts one more time when opening the .fzz. But, after it shifts and you change the pin count, all the numbers go back to there normal position. It would appear to me that the bug :bug: is in the generic IC generator.

Sorry for that.
I want Fritzing to be brilliant because having all views linked is such a good idea. The only problem with that is every part needs 3 views, so it’s initial hassle for more convenience latter.

Thanks for checking it out throughly, because I made a circuit yesterday and now I know how to get the numbers back.

Ah, there is an internal generic generator. That explains why I can’t make and adjustable 90º header.

I have noticed that when there is a lot of parts on a board little glitches appear, but it will be so hard to duplicate I don’t think anyone could find them. I remember finding some Ground Fill Seeds that wouldn’t stick to parts, but who knows because it might be the way the parts were made.

Thanks for that.

I was just funning around… I hate bugs… :bug:

I would think this would be an easy fix if you know where to look… just a couple of numbers…

It looks like it is the text layer that is shifting…