Dumb question regarding screw block terminals

I’ve wondered this forever and I’ve not found an answer from searching (I may just be blind), but, all screw terminal parts I’ve come across have a marked rectangular part on the silkscreen. What I don’t know, is whether this is supposed to be the front or the back of the component! Since the THT holes are not centred I would really love to know as it obv affects positioning

There probably is no good answer. Who ever made the parts made pcb to match the part they had (often without providing a reference to what part that was.) The exceptions are the Camdenboss ones which have a part number which will give you the datasheet and thus the layout, (which it is still wise to verify the footprint against!) and the Sparkfun ones that refer to a Sparkfun part number that should give you the datasheet for the part. The generic ones (such as the screw terminal 2 pins) are from an unknown at this point part and thus you would need to compare the pcb footprint to the part you have to see if there is a match. In general you should do that for all parts to make sure the part is indeed correct before using it. Even some of the part in core parts are incorrect (and we haven’t yet gotten to fixing them!)


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