Dual/Double USB-A 2.0 Female 90° Jack for PCB fritzing part

Hi! Everyone,

First of all, thank you very much for any help!

Please, I am looking for an, apparently simple, Fritzing Part of a Dual/Double USB-A 2.0 Female 90° Jack for PCB.

Just to better explain it, here it is the photo and dimensional details:

Please, anyone have it or can help me in finding this part?

Thank you very much in advanced!

Best regards!

A google search for “fritzing part dual USB A female” finds this:

but the part has problems and the pcb footprint doesn’t match. I can’t read the dimensions on the pcb layout above well enough to correct it (the image is too blurry.) If you supply the url of the image above I can correct the referenced part to do what you want (if I can read the dimensions!)


Dual USB part is already in the Fritzing…!!


Are you sure? This is 0.9.6 with apparently current parts (a check for updates reports nothing to update.):

As well that looks like the footprint from the referenced part which is not correct for the part he wants. Search will find parts in your mine parts bin as well as core parts.


Oh, my bad, it’s imported part…
Not made by me…
Here it is…


Actually it’s the part you mentioned above… Maybe I edited it later…

This part should do what you want. Before ordering boards print out the pcb footprint at 1:1 scale and check it against a real part! As well the pin labels may be wrong, I set them according to a standard USB A connector but they may not match your pins.

edit: missed that the two end pins should be 2.5mm pitch not 2mm, corrected in this new part!



All are okay, without the pin spacing…!!
In any USB-A, middle pin spacing is 2mm, and 2.5mm for sides.
Here, it’s looks like all are 2mm…!!

Thanks, and good catch. I missed that the end pins were a different pitch. I have corrected and replaced the part!


Se ve muy bien! Did you implement the 3d viewer?

No, it’s edited… It’s just a thought for future update…
These 3D models are available on “Altium Designer”…

That would be a very big change. Fritzing is based on SVG images for the views. That is 2D only drawings.

In addition after the changes to Fritzing, someone (when we find someone :slight_smile: ) would also need to update all the parts to have 3d models added after the part format has been changed to add them. I expect bug fixing will have priority for what developer time is available so I wouldn’t hold my breath about this (unless someone is planning on doing the code themselves!)


Kicad (which is also open source) has 3d images integrated. That code base would be the obvious starting point since it is also open source, but it doesn’t make the work involved in integrating it that much less, nor of higher priority against fixing bugs I don’t think. If you want this you should open an enhancement request on github and see if it gets voted up in importance by other people.


Thank you everyone for the help.
It is perfect!

Thanks and best regards!