DTMF MT8870 Decoder.fzpz

DTMF MT8870 Decoder.fzpz (21.3 KB)
January 9, 2019 3:16 AM
DTMF MT8870 Decoder_improved.fzpz (28.5 KB)

Not a bad job, but a few problems. Most notably you are missing copper0 (as well as layerIds in breadboard and schematic) which means your part will only accept traces on the top layer of a two layer board. As well you have only pins no terminal Ids in schematic which I also corrected. The lack of breadboard and schematic layerIds means the part won’t export as an svg file (that is the only thing I know of that breaks). Here is a new part (so you can load it along side the old part if you wish) that corrects all the problems I saw:

DTMF MT8870 Decoder_improved.fzpz (28.5 KB)

Feel free to ask questions about what was done and why if you have them.


Thank you. I am a new user and I am learning. I did it in CorelDraw and really had not understood which part I should put on that layer and also what name to put on the layer.
(I’m Brazilian and I used google translate)

Well welcome aboard, you did a good job over all. Parts creation is unfortunately poorly documented so mostly you learn by trying and asking questions here. The part file format document available here gives good information on layers (although there are lots of subtle parts that are not in there too):

I have a python script (python 3 only so far) available here:

which will tell you a number of things that it finds wrong (which it will flag as errors) and unusual and thus possibly wrong (flagged as warnings), but it assumes a fairly good knowledge of the format of the underlying files and thus isn’t as clear as it might be. As I said the main problem with your part was the lack of the copper0 layer in pcb. That makes the part only appear on one side of the board (which is correct for SMD parts but not through hole like this one). The rest of the stuff isn’t as serious although it is desirable to have it correct. Feel free to post more parts and one or another of us will point out problems we see. The more people making new parts the better.