DS2 not exporting as SVG

Steps I took that resulted in the problem:

Using a DS2 in a breadboard diagram, exporting as SVG. The DS2 is nowhere to be seen. I’ve tried with only that component in the diagram, this results in an SVG which has the canvas size of the DS2 with nothing in it.

What I expected should have happened instead:

The full diagram is exported as SVG

My version of Fritzing and my operating system:

MAC OS 10.14
fritzing 0.9.3

The problem is the core part lacks layerIds in breadboard and schematic. AFAIK the only thing that affects is svg export. As well it lacks terminalIds in schematic which causes this in schematic (the top one is the corrected part below):

the solution is to use this part (which is a new part and will load beside the core part) which has both of the above fixes in it. If you click on the current part in your sketch and select delete minus, Fritzing will delete the current part but leave the wires / traces. You then position the new part and drag each trace to make the connection again.

DS2Y-5-DC5V-fixed.fzpz (12.7 KB)

and the test sketch the above image came from:

test-Sketch.fzz (21.3 KB)

The long term solution (after I finish the update to FritzingCheckPart.py) is to clean up core and correct all the broken parts, help with that will be welcome as it is likely to be a big job :slight_smile: