DS18B20 Temperature sensor module

Hello, new here to Fritzing but can anyone tell me how I would find the DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Module in the parts? Or if it does not exist how I would import it in, much thanks :smiley:

The DS18B20 Temperature Sensor is in the Adafruit library. Click on this link and follow the instructions on how to download and install the Adafruit Fritzing library.


Thanks steelgoose,
The original one I was looking at was from Adafruit but I ended up finding this module on eBay that works very niceโ€ฆ Sorry I guess I should have mentioned that, I just figured they might all come up in a search with the Fritzing app :wink:
E Bay Link To DS18B20 Temperature Sensor Module

Thanks for that Adafruit link with the Tutorial I added their library in since I buy from them too, Adafruit has awesome stuff :smiley: