DS1621 Thermostat

I found this part inside this project. http://fritzing.org/projects/by-tag/ds1621/
Have edited it a lot more and now it looks better and pins are labeld correctly after my finishing touches.

So here it is my DS1621 thermostat, dip version.DS1621 DIP.fzpz (6.5 KB)

Ok i have updated everything. It should look better now.

Hi dehein,

It appears that this chip was originally authored by Fritzing Part-o-matic as a generic chip. Now that you labeled it correctly as a DS1621, it no longer belongs to the “generic IC” family. As a suggestion, you may want to change the family of the chip from “generic IC” to “Digital Thermometer” and the variant to “DS1621”.

I generally like to add a little more info, so just for the fun of it you could change one of the Properties Labels to “Voltage” and the value to “(2.7V to 5.5V)”.

It’s always fun to make parts…

Thanks for the tipps. I am quite new to Fritzing, and was a little bit overwhelmed, where i should start.

I have updated the file and it is a little more detailed in the description. Should i delete or update the first uploaded file?

Very good… I like all the specs. I think the only thing I would do different is to make your description with a smaller font… about an 8pt. You have an 11pt. font, I think it is a little overwhelming. The smaller font gives more info on the screen at one time making it easier to read.

You could just update your first one.

You got to start somewhere, the more you play with it, the more you learn…

So a smaller font on the SVG files for the Schematic on VCC … or where?

Sorry, in Parts Editor, Metadata tab, where you entered all the other specs. "The DS1621 Digital Thermometer and Thermostat provides 9-bit temperature readings, which indicate
the temperature of the device. The thermal alarm output, T OUT , is active when the temperature of the
device exceeds a user-defined temperature TH. The output remains active until the temperature drops
below user defined temperature TL, allowing for any hysteresis necessary.
User-defined temperature settings are stored in nonvolatile memory so parts may be programmed prior to
insertion in a system. Temperature settings and temperature readings are all communicated to/from the
DS1621 over a simple 2-wire serial interface.
That… That is a lot of info, which is great, but it is a very small window on the screen. Just copy it, past it in a text editor, change the font to 8pt., copy it and past it back into the description window.