Drv8825 output voltage failure

I’m working on a stepper motor project with a custom PCB that requires me to rotate two stepper motors at the same time. I’m using two DRV8825 MOSFET and an 8 channel relay, with four relays attached to one stepper motor and the remaining four to another.

The stepper motor rotates during the NC state (when the relays are turned on). The issue I’m having is that one of the motors on the J9 connector doesn’t step, and it doesn’t even vibrate when the relays are turned on. I’m not having this problem with the motor when it’s attached to the J10 connector. Any help or advice will be great!

Not enough information here (such as a copy of the sketch of the hardware, upload the .fzz file of the sketch, upload is 7th icon from the left in the reply menu.) That said it sounds like one stepper isn’t getting any power either due to a wiring mistake or blown components. Either measure the voltages on the motor windings or put a resistor and led across the motor winding to make sure power is getting there.


thx bro, didnt find time go back to reply cuz i got it covered alreay! thx a lot!