Droid font not available

I downloaded and installed the DroidSans fonts from the ‘fonts and templates’ ZIP file on the main site.
However when I open the schematic template in InkScape, the text items have ‘DroidSans’ as the font, with a red line through it. When I look at my fonts list i find ‘Droid Sans’ (note the space between the words). If I select that font, FZ complains about it when I open the part there. Has anyone run across this and is there a fix? I searched for a ‘DroidSans’ font without the space and could not find one. BTW - the .ttf file in the ZIP did not have the space.

Thanks, Mike

I had the same problem, but what I found out was that I installed them incorrectly. In Win you unpack the zip and double click on the .ttf file, and then a box opens asking you to Install.

There is a weirdness bug in Inkscape with the top text toolbar, so open Text/Text and Fonts and change it there.