Drill hole target

It would be great if someone would create a cross target part for the position of a hole?
Also can someone explain why when you type a measurement to position a hole why it changes to a dimension different to what you typed in. I at first thought it was because I had snap to grid on, but it made no difference when i disabled it.

What do you mean by “cross target”? What functionality different from the base Hole part? Turn the pointer into cross hairs?

For the values in inspector, it is due to rounding. Computers normally store numbers as binary values, which sometimes do not translate exactly to and from decimal. That combined with the needed internal conversions to adjust for the units of the part compared to the sketch, and any transform (scaling or rotation) built into the part means that some numbers just do not “work”, and get adjusted to the nearest value that does work. Or maybe more descriptive, you tell it where you want it, and the program goes through those translation processes, and tells you where it actually ended up.

Thank you for your reply!
Sorry my terminology was unclear, yes I mean ‘Cross Hair’ to mark the position of a hole. Are you saying that you can change a hole symbol to a cross hair? If so how?
I guess the small difference in the dimensions would not make the positioning too far out.