DRC overlapping can't find it


When I perform DRC, it says that all my resistors overlap on the top layer, but it is not clear what is the problem specifically.

Click on the line in the box that has the fault you want to see and it will turn red on the PCB. Sometimes the contact is so small it’s hard to see.

By the look of it it’s where the traces touch the resistor pads. Grab the resistor and move it and see what the trace does.

yeah, sorry, I just didn’t express it clearly, I know where the problems are indicated :-).
Moving resistors didn’t help, I’ve brought it to a simple case, whatever I connect to a resistor, it complains of overlapping. Maybe a bug on fritzing side?

Can you upload a file with the problem so we can have a look?

Also try changing one of the traces size in the inspector and then change it back to the size you want. Sometimes that changes the way a trace connects to a pad.

Thanks, that didn’t really help. Here’s the .fzz for the schematic.
iot_test1.fzz (21.1 KB)

I’m only getting 1 fault, that semi transparent R0 resistor. I swapped it for a new one and it’s fine.

That resistor is faulty because it’s transparent from both sides.

Thanks for your time.
I wonder how it works differently. I run it on 0.9.3 on macOS, which is your version?

It’s 0.9.3 on Win7 64

I’ve moved R0 to the top layer and it validates perfectly. I think somewhere there is a bug in fritzing.

Yeah it’s weird, because when I look from below it’s still semi transparent.