Drawing a computer network (LAN)


I’m new to Fritzing, but with lot of electronic experience.
I search how to make a sketch for an computer network (router, switch, ethernet cables…) but did not find any related element.

Thanks for help.

I’m not aware of any Fritzing parts for any of router, switch or ethernet cables so first you would need to find the parts. I expect that Fritzing isn’t the best tool to do this as it is primarily aimed at electronics.


Like you, I am a newcomer here and would like to connect with an experienced community where I can learn more about IT. I’m interested in it. At the ranboo retail shop, I am Tom and I work as a salesman.

Welcome aboard! Reading previous posts here in the forum should help bring you up to speed on Fritzing and of course yo are welcome to ask questions here.


May want to try a program like Visio or something similar.