Download part for flame sensor

Hi, all
Anybody know where is download part for flame sensor KY-026?

Don’t see one anywhere. It is easy enough to make but I can’t see a mechanical drawing anywhere that has the board dimensions. If you can supply those (length width, length width of the ears of the hole where the led mounts) I can modify the fc-51 line sensor I made a while back to become one.

edit: It appears to be the same form factor as the microphone module so I edited that so you can try this:

KY-026.fzpz (24.6 KB)


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Thank you, vanepp. I don’t need the dimension. I just need part which have 4 ports and it’s enough for me.

I need download part for flame sensor 5 channel, Can you help me?

Sorry, I don’t have part flame sensor 5 channel. I just have part for sensor KY-026.

This should do what you need. Breadboard is somewhat odd in that the right angle connector is dual row so the pins are on .05 centers rather than .1

edit: corrected a typo in the desciption and reloaded the fzpz (so if you downloaded it before this edit you probably want to re download it).

5-channel flame detector module.fzpz (26.4 KB)