Down loading Fritzing to replace the originally program that was deleted

I downloaded a Fritzing to a virtual machine that was deleted. I am in the Fritzing database but was not able to download another copy without going through the paywall. Do I need to pay for another copy to replace the program that was on the deleted virtual machine?


The download link that came with your donation payment receipt should still work to down load a copy of the installer (which you would be wise to keep a copy of outside of Fritzing for this exact case!)


Could you explain what you mean by “I am in the Fritzing database” ? If you already made a payment in recent time, then you should not need to pay again.

Sorry for the confusion - I paid for Fritzing earlier this month.

Thank you for the reply. The confirm email link took to the download page with a paywall. This was the only link I received from Fritzing. Yes, I should have kept the installer in a separate drive! I spun up a VM to run Fritzing and downloaded everything on the VM - I was being lazy and deleted the VM by mistake before I ran a backup. My fault if I have to pay again!

As far as I know (@KjellM will be the expert here) the link supplied in the email receipt for your payment should still work.


The confirm email link is to verify your login email. Very likely you used a different email address on PayPal, and this is where the issue originates from.

If you didn’t yet, please contact us at the support page,

Greetings, Kjell

Thank you! The download link was on my PayPal email.