Double sided modules - ex. XIAO ESP32S3 sense

So in my learning curve trying to get all my parts, I found another example of double side module i’m trying to understand how to proceed or if anyone created a nice solution…

For example the Xiao Esp32S3 “Sense” have pins on the back which would be hidden in breadboard view…

I found a part made by our beloved Peter again :smile:

However it doesn’t take pins underneath into account right…?

Here the pics to explain:

So in this case, would it be best to create a part to see the module from the top for normal connections and just aside on the same svg part, the module from beneath with only pins from below attachable?

Did anyone made it or thought of another solution?
Seems to be a new trend with tiny modules… just a thought. :person_shrugging:

Thanks again for all the contribution!

Already done (found via a google search for “fritzing part seeed esp32s3” in this post: