Double row header not doubled in breadboard

Just downloaded fresh; no customizations.

In Breadboard view, I use Core Parts / Connection bin and take a generic female header. I placed it off the breadboard. Then I set pins to 6 and row to double. It shows as a single row of 6 pins.

Switching to PCB view, I see what I expect: a 2x3 connector. Back to breadboard and it’s a single. Is this intentional?

I was hoping that the breadboard view would be useful to show beginners what it actually looks like.

I edited a RPi part and it looks like each pin is a separate object. I guess this makes sense so that you can document what the pin is. Is that the secret? Assemble 40 individual pins?

It looks to me like it is intentional so that in the breadboard view that all pins can be lined up and connected to the breadboard. Even when you change the pin spacing or change from tht to smd the breadboard view pin spacing remains the same (0.1", 2.24mm).

As for the RPi, I haven’t looked at the part and I am sure of your question…

Thanks for the reply.

My RPi query was poorly constructed. The RPi-3 part has a standard 40-pin header (female), which has two rows. The breadboard representation shows it as two rows, so as to visually match the RPi-3. I edited the part to see how it was done, and it appears to me that the 40-pin header is constructed as 40 separate 1-pin parts. I’m thinking this has the advantage that each pin can be documented as to its function, visible by hovering over the pin.

My un-asked question: is my thinking correct?

It’s no different than any other part. The info you see when hovering comes from the .fpz (Name: and Description:) i.e. Name: GIPO11, Description: SPI0_SCLK - GIPO11, and the (12) is the 12th pin, these are Type: Male pins. You can also view this info in the Parts Editor, Connectors tab.