DONGKER AAQ-ZP_GY17198 Display Fritzing Model

Does anyone out there have a Fritzing part for a DONGKER, AAQ-ZP-GY17198, 1.54", 240x240 TFT Color Display? I have looked high and low for this model.

See dimensioned drawing for same below:

This is the closest I have, it is a bit bigger and has some extra pins though. It is easy enough to modify the part to match that one exactly if needed.


Here is a part adapted from the article above. As usual the mounting holes are only on silkscreen. If you want the mounting holes drilled you need to drag a hole from the pcb section of core parts in to the sketch and set it to 2mm diameter and position it over the 4 mounting holes.

1_54in_240x240_tft_display.fzpz (5.7 KB)