Donate without PayPal

I don’t have a PayPal Account and don’t want to create one, but I would like to pay the 8 euro.
Is there a way to do it without PayPal?

Thank you very much

Paypal usually has a guest (no account needed) option which avoids having to have a paypal account. I think the donate page has this (but I’m not sure.) As far as I know paypal is the only payment option.


Hello Peter, thank you for the reply.
The link “Donate to Fritzing” does not seem to work anymore…
In the “Pay and download” link you must enter a PayPal account…
Any other way?


Not that I know of. You might try a pm to @KjellM as he is the one who administers the web site and set up the paypal operation. The last time I donated (which is a year or so ago) the guest option must have been available because I also don’t have a paypal account.


Actually, when I get to the PayPal page there is also the option to pay with a debit or credit card.

Hello flaix.
Yes, you are right, now I see it also.
Last week I could not see this option, I don’t know why.

Thank you very much

… but it does not work, when I try to pay with credit card it asks me to create a Paypal Account …

I just tried and it works for me. I can only guess that it depends on which country you’re from? While I would think that credit cards work universally, maybe PayPal does not have contracts with credit card companies for every country?

It would be up to Kjell to offer other payment options. While I understand and support the idea to offer the sources free and ask for a small amount for the pre-compiled program in order to help development take off again, it is sad that the choice of payment method is excluding potential users of the program. PayPal might be an obvious choice if you live in a country where it is readily supported, but for people in other countries it might turn out as an unsurmountable obstacle.

You are right, it depends on the country.
I am in Switzerland, when I give my email address end click on next I come to a page where I can choose " PayPal Guest Checkout", as soon as I select “Schweiz” for the country the page changes to create PayPal Account, with no “Guest Checkout” option…

Hm, now I am intrigued. I cannot really test this as I have no VPN into Switzerland. But if I set the country to Switzerland, I still have a form for paying with credit card. I haven’t tried filling that out. Are we seeing the same thing?

When I choose “Pay&Download” on the Fritzing main site, the following is the page that I get:

If I then select to “Continue without a PayPal account”, I get to a new page where I can set the country to Switzerland. But this seems not to be what you are seeing.

First I get this:

which is already different from what you get…

Then I put my email address and I receive this:

and here I could pay using Guest Checkout, but when I change country I get this:

And I have to create an account, if I don’t compile the “PayPal-Konto eröffnen” part it gives an error and I can not continue…

The first interesting thing is that the first page you land on is apparently meant for the USA, even though you connect from Switzerland.

But you are absolutely correct about the section concerning creating a PayPal account. I did not try up until the point where I would proceed, so that I did not encounter that error.

This is the same when switching to other countries like Austria or Ireland … until I switched to Germany. For Germany, the PayPal account actually got optional.

I assume this is because Germany has payment functionality that PayPal can leverage which does not exist in other countries. But I don’t know.
It is weird, though, that PayPal would offer an option to pay without a PayPal account, which requires you to create a PayPal account. That kinda defeats the purpose.


i am in France and I have the same problem.
Is there any other solution ?


@KjellM, can you check if this is something that maybe must be enabled?

There seems to be quite some interest in Fritzing, but the PayPal only method becomes a hinderance for further spreading of Fritzing. And with Switzerland and France we are not talking about exotic corner-cases. Maybe something else could be used in addition? Stripe comes to mind, or maybe Amazon Pay?