Does somebody has the fritzing part for a 3S BMS?

Trying to draw a 3S Lipo 12v Battery vor a project. Didn’t find a board so far, just the 2S BMS.

Looking for something like this:

There didn’t appear to be one, but since it is a relatively simple upgrade of the 2s bms now there is one:

3s-bms.fzpz (16.9 KB)

The layout in breadboard is slightly different than yours but the same pins are all present. I’ll note in passing you need to be careful with this as LIPO batteries can explode if connected incorrectly, so make sure of your connections and that you know what you are doing.


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whoa thx man!
i realy appreciate your effort :slight_smile:

i took a quick look into how to create boards/parts yourself. do you have a library on hand for all the smaller components on the pcb you use? or what’s your workflow?

Yes I have a collection of breadboard only parts (no connectors) in addition to actual parts. I usually start from something that is close (the 2s BMS in this case) and adjust. Inkscape lets you copy and paste things around, and I have a number of scripts the can do things like assign pins in an svg sequentially and move them around. Most of this is described in the parts making tutorial in the guides and tutorials section of the forum. The scripts are still too raw to publish.