Does somebody has the fritzing part for a 2S BMS?

Like this one

I haven’t found one

There didn’t appear to be one, but since it is a simple part, so now there is. Note that pcb doesn’t even try and match the board (it won’t fit on a pcb anyway i expect), so pcb is 5 holes suitable for .1in headers to attach wires to.

2s-bms.fzpz (7.6 KB)

as well, the connection diagram on the referenced web page appears to be incorrect. I’d suggest checking the datasheet for the charger/limiter chip and trace the wiring to figure out the correct connections.


Wow thanks again men, you are best!

Lol i didn’t notice that :sweat_smile: sorry for that mistake. I will find the Datasheet to not damage that module when I use it. Thanks a lot Peter.

I think the drawing for the 3s version is more correct i.e. BM should go to the junction of the two cells with B- to the negative of the bottom cell and B+ to the positive of the top cell, but checking the chip datasheet to see what they think is safest (and around LIPO cells which tend to explode or burn when abused, you want to be very safe!)


Ok, thanks for the tip, i will try not to explode something :sweat_smile:

One last thing, and sorry for bothering too much :confounded: But i have look for this module fritzing part whitout any luck :confounded: Do you have it? or somebody else?

You are always welcome to ask, if I don’t feel like doing it I will say so. Development is being particularly frustrating at the moment so you win (and this is a pretty trivial part again):

lithium-battery-indicator.fzpz (4.5 KB)


Thank you so much Peter, you save me again!!

Ok, i will do it :grinning: