Does Fritzing developpers read this forum?


I ask this question because I have posted several questions into wishlist and fab categories and they have not receive an answer from developers or project leader.
It seems that I am not the only one into this situation because if you have a look at topics of wishlist or bug category, a lot of them has no answer.

So, my questions are not offensive, I would like to know:
1- Is Fritzing still in development?
2- Is this forum the correct place to ask for new features or make bug report? Maybe it is more reactive on Github ?

Finally, my last question is about translations:
I have proposed my contribution to update French translation. As described into the procedure from this page, I have sent a message weeks ago … I am still waiting for the translation file I could work on!

To conclude this post, I think that Fritzing is a great tool, but there is a lack of reaction from project maintainers.


20 days have elapsed since the creation of this topic … 0 reply.

So, I think that Fritzing developers do not read this forum.
It’s a shame!

This software is great. I have found two functions very interesting:

  • Breadboard view for prototyping
  • Easy PCB fabrication

Unfortunately, this software is not, for me, fully operational (see my posts into Whishlist section, and I have not posted all improvement ideas…).
And it seems that the support from Fritzing team is absent… so no date for future release, and no idea if one proposed feature will be implemented one day.

Fortunately, this forum is active.
Thank to every contributors for that :clap:


Hopefully this is a historic summer lull, there hasn’t been a commit since July on Github but looking at the graphs from previous years that looks somewhat normal. Little activity in July through September then activity in October. Perhaps the developers take the summer off? Hopefully things will pick up, if not, the source is there if we care enough and while I’m still a beginner at this, it looks interesting enough that I may set up a development environment and have a bash at compiling it at least with a view to making changes eventually (I need to learn a lot more about it before thats going to be practical though).

It’s in development, it’s just that you can’t expect too much from a free program.
There is usually only one major update per year.

To give you a time frame, one year ago I worked out how to make parts from scratch - there are no instructions so I had to reverse engineer them from other parts -, and I complained that there should be a specific place to share parts - they had recently closed the other -, and 1 year latter we got a Part Submit category in the forum. Then they went further and added auto part update.

Even parts take time to come through. I made a part 1 year ago and I was quite surprised that it is now in FZ - I wanted to share it but I didn’t expect such an obscure part to be added - , the thing is that I updated it 6 months ago, and that update hasn’t come through yet.