Does anyone know where I can find a pluggable terminal

I have been looking for a pluggable terminal that is used for a Arduino board that can be connected to a DS18B20 temperature probe, I am currently making a schematic diagram of our sensors for our Aquaponics thesis and this is what I need to finish that.

I’m unclear on what you are asking for here. The grove connector (the white 2mm connector at the top of the image) should be in the Fritzing part for the module. You connect wires to it (it doesn’t usually have a cable, it should have three connectors at the point of the wires that will accept a wire. I don’t immediately see a fritzing part for the module though, is that what you are looking for? Or the sensor?


there is one of those here:

(found via a google search for “fritzing part dfrobot ds18b20”)


Sorry for the confusion what I meant was an adaptor from the probe to the Arduino board itself

this is what it looks like.

Effectively that adapter appears to be nothing more than 3 wires. Perhaps with an optional pull up or pull down resistor. For schematic, that could be done as a pair of 3 pin headers.

A custom part with 7 connection points would do it. 3 wires (buses) plus one with a resistor to the data line. Connecting that to vcc or gnd would provide the pull up or pull down.

thank for the info I will need to learn how to create a part at Fritzing I’m quite new to the application itself.

This part should do what you want.

arduino-pluggable-terminal.fzpz (9.9 KB)


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Thank you very much you just save me a lot of time :slight_smile: