Does anyone know were I can find an RMD6300 (RFID reader)?

New here and I’m not sure if I’m posting this in the correct location, but I’m looking for an RFID board (RMD6300) in the parts and can’t seem to find it. Since I’ve seen it used in a lot of projects online, i’m kind of surprised it doesn’t already exist in Fritzing. Does anyone know where I can find it?

Looks like the right place, welcome to the club. I don’t know of such a part, but when I asked my friend Ms google (which is always a good first choice when you don’t know something) with the search string

fritzing part RMD6300

among other not so useful results she returned

down in which (in Fritzing libraries) is a purported (because I didn’t download it to see whats in it) library
which I assume will have the part. There are many parts that haven’t made it in to the core libraries
available in various places (many on github). Google will usually find them.

Peter Van Epp