Does anyone have Capacitor 1000uF 25V

Does anyone here have 1000uF 25V capacitor? The Sparkfun has limited voltages on the capacitor I need 25 V

Looks like you too need to make a custom part. There appears to be a 3 digit limit to what capacitance values Inspector will take (i.e 999uF but not 1000uF, actually there appears to be a character limit as well so only 999u can be set, probably worth an enhancement request I expect since this is a common thing to want to do.) The tutorial pointers for making custom parts are in the last post I just answered.

edit forgot this


At some point in the past I fixed up this part which will let you set 1000UF at 25V.

It appears it screws up if you try and edit the value to something else via Inspector though.


Just use 1mF as workaround