Does anyone have a Flir Lepton 3.5 part?

Hey there,
I’m looking for the FLIR Lepton 3.5 Camera Module resp. the breakout board v2.0.
Has anyone by chance already created this part?

There doesn’t appear to be a Fritzing part available. There are however several different breakout boards available, so we would need to know which exact board you want a part for to do anything.


I’m looking for this breakout board: FLIR Lepton® Breakout Board v2.0

Note enough information here to make a part. No dimensions of the board, you apparently have to register, which I am not interested enough to do, to get any information. We would need a mechanical drawing of the board showing size of the board, where the connectors are and what the pin names are to make a part and none of that is here.

It looks like this is the bottom of the board (and breadboard is usually the top) with no indication what the pins are.


I found a mechanical drawing in german. I will continue searching for an english version.

There two should be enough to make a part, no need for an english version.

edit: and here is a part that should do the job. Note breadboard is a bit unusual in that the view is from the bottom (it is usually from the top.) In this case the sensor is on the bottom so you need to be careful of pin1 on the connector (marked with a square.) As usual the mounting holes in pcb are only in silkscreen. If you want mounting holes drilled on the pcb you need to drag a hole from core parts over the circle in silkscreen and set its size to 2mm.

FLIR-Lepton-3.5.fzpz (7.2 KB)


Thank you very much!